TrueStory 1

Neelam (Now known as Neelam John Abraham)
Neelam was infected with polio when she was 2 years old,her parents took her to many hospitals for treatments, they also visited various religious places for a healing,as a child she was completely bed ridden and that is when Mr.John Abraham met her,she was then taken to the hospital where at the first the Doctor was hesitant to treat her,after convincing him eventually he agreed to perform a surgery which later helped her to walk with a caliper. She was bed ridden till the age of 13 and never went to school till that time, all her education till that point was taken care at the VISA home.She was the first female child in our home and because of her we later added more girl children in our home. sell it.

TrueStory 2

Deepika Saha
Deepika came to our home at the age of 10 when she lost her father who was looking after her. Deepika’s story starts when she was an infant when her mother abandoned the family. Her father was a drunkard and was suffering from TB due to which he died while she was small. People looked at her and wanted her to be their maid at home but because of one of her teacher who noticed her bright mind brought her to Visa home. Today she is the smartest child in our home and is pursuing her B Sc Nursing Final year looking ahead for a bright future.

TrueStory 3

Manisha Wagela
Manisha was born to a poor family, her father was a handicap person but was addicted to alcohol. Because Manisha was a smart kid someone brought her to Visa Home where she did her schooling and finished her 10th, now pursuing her 12th , enjoying life to the fullest & hoping to become a fashion designer some day. Home,Our Mission,News and Press,How to Help,Contact Us.

Our Mission

To provide secure and nurturing family environment for children in distress, To provide these children with ample opportunities to fulfill their potential, To help these children to become change agents in society, To challenge churches for social action.

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